Biblical Courses     Bi

The Bible is the foundation for Christian life and ministry.  Ministry purpose and activity must be based on the scriptures.  These courses are focused on knowing the scriptures.  Students will gain a thorough knowledge of the Bible, and be able to articulate the major themes of the books of the Bible. `

Bi 510            Biblical Theology

Students will learn how to build a theological system by looking at the theology of the Bible. The course will be a study of the nature of biblical theology and its implication for cutting-edge thought leaders.  The relation between the theologies of different bible writers will be explored along with the unity of the Bible.  The distinction and correlation with Systematic theology will also be discussed.  Students will be challenged to evaluate their own theological stand in light of the Bible.

Bi 506            Ezekiel

An in-depth survey of the book of Ezekiel.

Bi 401            Gospel & Acts

An exposition of the first five books of the New Testament. Emphasis will be placed on the life, ministry, and teachings of Christ, and the work of the early church in fulfilling the great commission


Bi 101            Life of Christ

A general overview of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.


Bi 408            New Testament Prophets

This course is a study of the scriptures to confirm the office of the prophet in the New Testament.

Bi 200            New Testament Survey

A broad overview of the history, geography, and culture of the New Testament times. The major events, characters, and lesson of each book will be explored.


Bi 405            New Testament Epistles

An exposition of the books of Romans through Jude.   This course is an elective.


Bi 300            Old Testament Survey I

A general overview of the history, geography and culture of the old testament from Genesis to Esther covering ancient Israel from the times of the patriarchs to the kings, the exile and the return from captivity. The course will explore major events, characters and its connection to God’s redemptive plan. 


Bi 301            Old Testament Survey II

Continuing from Old Testament Survey I, this course is a general overview of the message of the wisdom books, Job to Songs of Solomon, and the prophetic books, Isaiah to Malachi.


Bi 403            Old Testament Prophets

A study of the major and minor prophets of the Old Testament, and their writings.  The objective of the course is to understand the life, message, and times of each prophet, and how they relate to each other.


Bi 402                Pentateuch

An in-depth study of the first five books of the Bible, and how they relate to the unfolding of God’s redemptive plan.


Bi  501           Pentateuch

Graduate level study of the first five books of the Bible.


Bi 505           Romans

An in-depth survey of the book of Romans.


Bi 404                Synoptic Gospel

An exposition of the first three books of the New Testament, including a comparison of their similarities and differences.  This course is an elective.


Bi 407            Survey of Revelation

This course is a survey of apocalyptic literature with a focus on the book of Revelation.  Students will receive an in depth study of the book of Revelation and its relevance for the current time.  Other apocalyptic text will be explored such as the book of Daniel.  The class emphasizes current prophetic fulfillments and trends.

Theological   Th


Students will gain the ability to articulately defend the Christian faith from secular criticism, and erroneous theology that has invaded the Christian world.  Students will be able to state the major tenets of biblical Christianity.

Th 501           Advanced Christian Theology

This course will analyze the major tenets of Christian theology from a Pentecostal perspective.

Th 105           Apologetics

This course is a study on effectively defending the Christian faith. It addresses opposing views to the beliefs of the Christian faith with sound biblical arguments. Biblical explanations for the deity of Christ, the incarnation, creation, the resurrection of Christ, the authority of scripture are studied.

 Th 507           Advanced Hermeneutics

A study of basic principles and specific guidelines of interpretation some attention is given to the historical schools of interpretation, but the focus of the course is on historical-grammatical interpretation and legitimate application of the Scriptures. General principles, such as reliance on the Holy Spirit, Biblical context, ancient culture, and different literary genre are studies in this course.


Th 307           Contemporary Theology

An overview of current trends in theology, with emphasis on evaluating their validity based on the Bible. Sound biblical arguments will be presented to refute errors of unscriptural trends


Th 502           The Doctrine of God

An in-depth study of the concept of God.  Topics will include the existence of God, the nature of God, the attributes of God, and the doctrine of the trinity.  Particularly emphasis is placed on the uniqueness of the God of the Bible in comparison to the concept of “God” or “gods” of other religions.


Th 301           Eschatology

A study of the prophetic texts concerning the end of times. In addition, an overview of differing views on the end of times will be given, and evaluated in light of scripture.


Th 303           Hermeneutics

The course focuses on the authority and interpretation of the scriptures. The skills for sound biblical interpretation are taught.


Th 104           Introduction to Hermeneutics

This course is an introduction to hermeneutics.


     Th  201          Introduction to Prophecy

This course provides a basic introduction to prophecy covering topics such as the purpose of prophecy, importance of study, and interpreting biblical prophecy.  The course includes a general survey of the major prophecies of the Bible that has been spoken and fulfilled, and provides a basic framework for understanding yet to be fulfilled prophecies.


Th  506          The Millennial Kingdom

An eschatological study of the reign of Christ on the Earth for a thousand years.


Th  508          The Mistakes of Liberation Theology

An in depth analysis of liberation theology and its inherent errors in light of biblical teaching.


Th 504           Old Testament Ritualism

A study of the Old Testament rituals and how they foreshadow the work of Christ.


Th 505          Rise of the Last Empire

An eschatological study of the last empire on Earth before the second return of Christ.


Th 503           The Rise of Pluralism in Christianity

This is a biblical analysis and critique of the current rise in pluralism in the Christian community since the start of the 21st century.  Pluralism is the acceptance of other religions as viable for salvation.


Th 101           Systematic Theology 1

This course is an overview of the major Christian doctrines from the authority of scripture, revelation, the nature of God, humankind, angels and provides the basic tenets of the church, salvation, and eschatology.


Th 102           Systematic Theology II

This second course in systematic theology focuses upon Christology (the doctrine of Christ) and soteriology (the doctrine of salvation). Emphasis is placed on the deity of Christ, and the nature of salvation.


Th 103           Systematic Theology III

This final course in systematic theology focuses upon the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, and how he works in the church. The course also covers the nature of the church.


Th 601           In-Depth Pneumatology

This is a detailed study on the nature, gifts, and operations of the Holy Spirit.  Particular emphasis is placed on understanding the moving of the Holy Spirit in times of Pentecostal and Charismatic revivals.  An analysis of the move of the Holy Spirit in modern times is emphasized.


Th 202           The Gift of Prophecy

The student will learn how to recognize, and understand the prophetic voice of God in their own life, and through the lives of others.  Special emphasis is placed on understanding and interpreting when God speaks through Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, prophecies, visions, and dreams. The course is strictly based on a thorough study of what the Bible says on God’s voice complemented by reliable experiences.

Christian Ministry           Cm


Harvest Army International Seminary has a unique focus of preparing believers for ministry in the present time.  Students will be immersed in understanding the costs of building a powerful ministry, and the effective scriptural techniques to conduct it.  After completion, students will be able to minister in a variety of cultures, and situations.  Emphasis is placed on fulfilling God’s mandate for the current time – fulfilling the great commission, and being a catalyst for world revival.


Cm 506          Advanced Pastoral Care

Takes a detailed analysis of the pastoral ministry especially within the context

of the last days.  The student will learn how a pastor can operate effectively in the midst of the challenges that face local church congregations today.


Cm 405          Building a World Impact Ministry

Today, the church has the opportunity to influence people across the world like never before.  This course covers the purpose and method of building a ministry that reaches beyond the local community and impacts individuals globally.


Cm 108          Comparative Religions

An in-depth analysis of the major religions and cults of the world, and how they differ with the beliefs of Christianity.  Special emphasis will be placed on highlighting the uniqueness of the Christian faith, and the errors of cults purport rating to be of Christian origin.


Cm 103          Church Planting

This course is a study on how to successfully plant a new church.  Focused is placed on how to plant a church effectively within the local context.  Students are exposed to the tools and resources to use when preparing to plant a new church.



Cm 104          Church Administration

This course covers the organizational principles of operating a church.


Cm 304          Church Growth Strategies

Students will learn the principles and process of church growth through the study of the scriptures.  Students will then explore the practical applications of church growth principles.  Contemporary techniques for biblically growing and church will also be studied.


Cm 402          Conflict Management

This course will study effective means of dealing with organizational and interpersonal conflict in church, and ministry environments.  Students will learn how to develop a ministry environment that minimizes negative conflict, and to develop an effective process for conflict resolution.  Emphasis will also be placed on recognizing and confronting conflict that has been inspired by Satan and his demons.


Cm 202          Christian Counseling

This course focuses upon the Christian approach to counseling.  Students will learn how to apply scriptural solutions to a variety of cases.  In addition students will explore counseling procedures, and challenges.


Cm 203          Christian Education

This course discusses the purpose and development of Christian education.  Students will learn how to develop effective teaching strategies, and programs for a wide variety of people in the body of Christ.


Cm 404          Contemporary Christian Ministry

This course is an analysis of the techniques of churches and para-church organizations to stay relevant in a rapidly changing society.  These techniques will be evaluated using the scriptures.  The course will present a biblical view of conducting effective ministry in what the Bible calls the last days.


Cm 407          Contemporary Prophets

An analysis of modern day prophets in the light of scripture.



Cm 401          Cross – Cultural Ministry

Students will learn how to contextualize the gospel in different cultures without compromising or synchronizing the gospel message.


Cm 305          Dynamics of a Sustaining Ministry

This course addresses a major concern in Christian ministry today.  Reputable ministers have brought public shame to their ministries through immoral actions.  Unlike never before, ministers are engaged in immoral activity.  In addition, ministers who once upheld sound biblical doctrine are beginning to speak heresy.  In the midst of these challenges, those entering the ministry should have a foundational understanding of the dynamics that cause ministerial failure, and the elements that makes up a ministry that sustains its integrity.  Through this course, students will learn how to build assurance of a ministry that is completed with godly excellence.


Cm 102          Evangelism

This course covers strategic methods of accomplishing the great commission.  Methods of evangelism are covered, and the steps of effective discipleship are covered.


Cm 105          Discipleship

This course covers strategic methods of accomplishing the great commission.  Methods and steps of effective discipleship are covered.



Cm 403          Gifts of the Spirit

An in-depth study on the nature, work, and gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The manifestation, office and motivational gifts are explored, and their relevance in today’s church.  Emphasis is placed on the gift of prophecy.


Cm 101          Homiletics

This course covers the art of pulpit preaching.  The course will discuss how to construct and deliver sermons.  The different forms and styles of pulpit speech are also presented.


Cm 602          Leading Growing Churches

Students in this course will not only learn church growth strategies, but will develop an understanding of identifying and utilizing growth patterns in the life of a church.  The student will learn how to capture the momentum of a growing church, steer a church in the new direction, manage change, and establish leadership.  Students will learn strategies for equipping leaders and delegating tasks.  The students will be challenged to think beyond the size limits of their current church setting.


 Cm 610         Ministry Culmination Project  (Master's Thesis)

This course guides the students through the steps of completing their final project.  The final project will be a reflection of their learning experience incorporating the content of their program with their experience in a current ministry setting.  Furthermore, the student will evaluate the effectiveness of the current ministry setting and present a plan for increasing ministry effectiveness.


Cm 204          Ministry Internship

Students are assigned a specific task under a pastor or church leader and the advice of a HAIS teacher.  The pastor or church leader will provide feedback to the HAIS advisor on the progress of the student.


Cm 200          Missions

A study of the source and purpose of missions.  Why should missions be a critical component of the church?  The course explores the target, message, requirements, and expected results of missions.


CM 601          Ministry Assessment

Students will learn how to develop specific goals for their ministries that stems from biblical standards, vision, and core values of their ministry.  In the process they will develop understanding of the basic elements of research design, such as sampling, data collection, and data analysis. Students will learn how to implement strategies for ministry evaluation, and goal assessments.


Cm 505          Media Ministries


The student will be exposed to the various forms of digital media that can be used to spread the gospel.  The course places an emphasis on having vision for using media in the ministry.  Students will become aware of the most recent channels that can be used within and outside the walls of the church.  Students will also learn general principles for effectiveness.


Cm 504          Office of the Prophet

An in-depth study of the ministry gift of the Prophet and its relevance in the body of Christ today.  The course will delve into the role of the prophet, including primary ministry activities, and ethics.


Cm 106          Pastoral Introduction

Students will learn the basics of the pastoral ministry. 


Cm 303          Pastoral Ministry

This course delves into the role of the pastor including pastoral ethics, pastoral care, and the main ministry activities of the pastor.


Cm 406          Pastoral Counseling

The process, policies, and challenges of effective pastoral counseling.


Cm 408          Prophetic Operation and Ministry

This course is an immersion into God’s prophetic uprising.  Students will learn how to operate in the prophetic, and interpret the prophetic language.




Cm 502           Principles of Church Government

This course examines the biblical data on church government and polity.  Particularly emphasis is placed on overseeing multiple local churches, including selecting and appointing leaders at various levels, church disciplinary procedures, managing membership and board meetings.  The course will prepare leaders that will be overseeing local church leaders, or multiple congregations to manage effectively.


Cm 302          Spiritual Leadership

This course examines the principles and development of healthy spiritual leadership


Cm 109          Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is a study of the biblical view of Satan and demons, and the believer’s authority against their works.  Current satanic and demonic trends are explored with biblical instruction on how to discern, and minister deliverance from them.


Cm 603          Spiritual Warfare (Graduate level)

Spiritual warfare is a study of the biblical view of Satan and demons, and the

believer’s authority against their works. Current satanic and demonic trends

are explored with biblical instruction on how to discern, and minister

deliverance from them.  For the graduate level emphasis is placed on discerning spiritual attacks against churches, ministries, ministers, and workers operating against true believers in our time.


Cm 501          Strategies of World Evangelism

This course explores the biblical mandate for world evangelism, and biblical strategies to accomplish this goal. . Students will examine current trends in world evangelism.. The focus of the course is to equip students to lead a world wide organization or movement in evangelism.




Cm 504          Worship Styles

Students will learn the strengths and weaknesses of various worship styles..They will examine the current worship styles being used in a typical church.  Students will be challenged to design worship services that are

biblically sound, practical, and relevant in today's society.  Along with this, students will gain an understanding and appreciation of music in ministry.


 Cm 107         Youth Ministry


This course is a survey and introduction to youth ministry.  Students will learn how to minister effectively to the youth population without compromising biblical principles. The methods and leadership models of youth ministry will be explored.


General Courses    Ge


At HAIS, we believe ultimately all true knowledge comes from Christ.  In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. (Colossians 2:3 KJV)  Thus, the following general courses are taught within the light of scripture.  Students will gain an understanding of these general subjects in order to use it for the glory of God, and to be able to communicate effectively with the secular world.


Ge 501           Argumentation and Debate

The course is a survey of argumentation an debate techniques mandatory for the graduate students.  The student will gain understanding of constructing research, summarizing data, collecting and analyzing evidence in preparation for presentation.  The student will also learn debating skills such as reasoning, briefing, and refuting.


Ge 301           Basic Math Concepts

Basic math concepts are studied in this course.  Students will also learn how to apply mathematical concepts to church accounting situations.


Ge 511           Basic Spanish

An introduction to conversational Spanish.  Emphasis is placed on learning

Phrases in preparation for Christian based mission trips.


Ge 603           Christianity and World History

This course Is a study of the effects of Christianity on world history.  It examines how Christianity has shaped world history spiritually, culturally, politically, technologically, and economically.




Ge 405           Church History

This course covers the history of the Christian church from its origin to modern times, and its influence on world affairs.  Emphasis is placed on periods of revival and reformation in the church.


Ge 300           English Advancement

This course focuses on grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure.  Students are exposed to the mechanics of effective writing and speaking so that students can develop  their language skills.


Ge 510           History of Revivals

Students will develop an understanding of historical developments

of major revivals.  Particularly, there will be a focus on leaders during these revivals to gain an understanding of leadership dynamics in times of revival.


Ge 403           Introduction to Greek

This is an introductory course to Greek.  It focuses upon pronouncing New Testament Greek, Greek vocabulary, and includes an introduction to Greek verbs


Ge 601            Israelism

This course is an in-depth study on Israel from a historical, modern and prophetic view.  Emphasis is placed on Israel’s place in prophetic events.


Ge 404           Marriage and Family Relationships

This course covers the biblical principles for successful marriages, and family relationships.  Students will explore how to apply biblical principles to the current challenges that marriages and families face.


Ge 505           New Testament Greek

This course will focus on the basic fundamentals for reading New Testament Greek.  The course will focus on the elementary grammar, syntax, vocabulary needed to read New Testament Greek.


Ge 602           World History

This course is a survey of the history of the world focusing on the major civilizations that has tremendously impacted world history.










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