To provide a wide variety of believers the opportunity to train for ministry, a minimum set of qualifications has been established.  The college is open to all who meet the minimum spiritual and academic requirements. 

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Successful Applicants should meet the following spiritual requirements:

  • Able to provide evidence of a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Demonstrates a life of holiness.
  • Agree to respect the statement of faith (not antagonistic towards it).

Successful Applicants should meet the following educational requirements:

 Undergraduate Program

  • A high school diploma or equivalent.

 Mature students that do not have a high school diploma or equivalent in a few cases may be accepted to the college provided that relative work experience can be shown.  Those in these cases can receive a certificate or diploma in ministry. To continue toward an associate or bachelor's degree, the student must obtain a high school diploma or equivalent.  Undergraduate degrees can only be officially given when a high school diploma or equivalent is on file.  In special cases,  students under the age of 18, but not younger than 16 years old may be accepted if they are currently completing a high school diploma, and can demonstrate good academic standing, and are active participants in ministry.  In these cases, HAIS reserves the right to reject any applicant not possessing a high school diploma or equivalent, as only a certain threshold of students in these special cases can be enrolled in the college during an academic year.

Master's Program

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent.

 How to Apply

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Application for admission may be made at any time; however, depending on the program the applicant is pursuing, required classes may or may not be available at the time of submitting an application.  The admission department will instruct all approved applicants when they can begin classes.

 Prospective students must complete the required application, and provide evidence of a high school diploma.  A high school transcript or a copy of a high school diploma or equivalent can be used for evidence.  For credit for previous college work, transcripts from all previously attended colleges should be submitted.

 There is an application fee of $50.  The fee is non-refundable and is used to cover the administrative cost of evaluating and enrolling applicants.  The Admissions Committee reserves the right to reject any application at any time


 Depending on the program that students sign up for, the registrar will designate classes that students must take for the academic year.

 Students who are enrolled in a program must check with the registrar to find out what classes they are required to take.

Academic Information

Harvest Army International Seminary offers the following three programs: a certificate with 30 credits, associate degree with 60 credits, and Bachelor's with 120 credits.

Credit Transfer

HAIS acknowledges the value of academic and theological training. Students may submit transcripts from other academic and theological institutions that will be reviewed for transfer credits. While we will accept as many credits as possible, a required number of credits must be completed at HAIS for associate's and bachelor’s degrees.

Life Experience Credit

We recognize that some students have years of experience in ministry and may have received training that is not recognized by HAIS. We value this experience and will allocate up to 4 credits per academic year for life experience. To apply for credits for life experience, students must do the following:

For Christian Ministry courses, submit a resume along with a written explanation of why the experience should be accepted as credit for a particular Christian ministry course.  In addition, submit a recommendation letter from a pastor or respective church leader verifying experience in the particular area of ministry. Following an interview, the dean will determine your eligibility.

For all other courses, (general, bible, theological), Students can obtain credit by taking a test given by HAIS in the subject area and passing the test with at least a 75% grade.

Service Credits

Service credits consist of a student’s involvement in the following:

  • mission trips
  • pastoral work
  • ministry projects
  • ministry internships
  • humanitarian service
  • ministry assignments
Service credits are required to complete all programs. A service credit hour is equivalent to a minimum of 10 hours in any of the above. Therefore, three credits for service would be equivalent to at least 30 hours. Students would be expected to complete a minimum of 1 service credit (30 hours) or more for each program.

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