There are two options for the graduate program:

  • Master of Arts in Christian Ministry and Biblical Studies
  • Accelerated Program: Master of Arts in Biblical Studies or Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

Objectives of Master’s Program:

  1. Students will demonstrate a practical understanding of starting and growing a ministry to the highest level of impact through sound planning, and implementation.

  2. Students will begin to think, feel, and act as catalysts for revival through ministry development, and theological reasoning.

  3. Students will exhibit an understanding of hermeneutical principles through sound biblical exposition.


Master of Arts in Christian Ministry and Biblical Studies…………………………………………………..    60 Credits

Ministry   Any 5

Cm 501     Strategies for World Evangelism 

Cm 502     Principles of Church Government

Cm 505     Media Ministries

Cm 504     Office of the Prophet

Cm 602     Leading Growing Churches

Cm 610     Ministry Culmination Project  (Master's Thesis)

Cm 603     Spiritual Warfare

Cm 506     Advanced Pastoral Care

General  Any 5

Ge 510      History of Revivals

Ge 501      Argumentation and Debate

Cm 601     Ministry Assessment

Ge 505      New Testament Greek

Ge 511        Israelism

Ge 602      World History

Ge 603      Christianity and World History


Theology   Any 6

Th 601      In-depth Pneumatology

Th 501      Advanced Christian Theology

Th 502      The Doctrine of God

Th 503      The Rise of Pluralism in Christianity

Th 504      Old Testament Ritualism

Th 505      Rise of the Last Empire

Th  506     The Millennial Kingdom

Th 507      Advanced Hermeneutics

Th  508     The Mistakes of Liberation Theology

Bible   Any 2

Bi 510       Biblical Theology

Bi 506       Ezekiel

Bi 505       Romans

Bi 501       Pentateuch

Total Credits:  60

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Prerequisites:  Undergraduate Level

To fulfill all objectives it will be necessary for the students to have a basic foundation in biblical knowledge and Christian theology.  Students without a prior background for a credible college in these areas will be required to take these courses on the undergraduate level from the Harvest army International Seminary.  These courses will not provide credit for the graduate-level program but will be necessary upon entering the program.

  • Old Testament Survey 1
  • Old Testament Survey 2
  • New Testament Survey
  • Systematic Theology 1  
  • Systematic Theology 2
  • Systematic Theology 3



Master of Arts in Biblical Studies or Christian Ministry

Ministry - 6 ministry courses (18)

Cm 501 Strategies for World Evangelism

Cm 502 Principles of Church Government

Cm 505 Media Ministries

Cm 504 Worship Styles

Cm 510 Leading A Prophetic Church

Cm 507 Spiritual Warfare

General -  (6)

Ge 510 History of Revivals

Ge 505   New Testament Greek

Theology - (6)

Th 510 Revival Theology

Bi 510 Biblical Theology

Bible (3)

Th 507 Advanced Hermeneutics

Total: 33 credits

Academic Capstone

Choice of Ministry Culmination Project or Biblical Research Thesis

Choice 1: Ministry Culmination Project (Master of Arts in Christian Ministry)

  • Cm 601  Ministry Assessment (3)

  • Cm 609   Ministry Culmination Project Guidance (3)

  • Cm 610  Ministry Culmination Project (3)

Choice 2: Research Thesis (Master of Arts in Biblical Studies)

  • Ge 501   Biblical Research Writing (3)

  • Bi 610    Biblical Research Thesis (6)

  • Ge 602   Biblical Research Guidance (3)

Academic Capstone for Master of Arts in Christian Ministry: (9 credits)

Academic Capstone for Master of Arts in Biblical Studies: (12 credits)

Total Credits:  42 for Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

45 for Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

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