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Survey of Revelation

This course is a survey of apocalyptic literature focusing on the book of Revelation.  Students will receive an in-depth study of the book of Revelation and its relevance to the current time.  Other apocalyptic texts will be explored, such as the book of Daniel. The class emphasizes present prophetic fulfillments and trends.

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Theology of End-time Prophecy

This course is an immersion into God’s prophetic uprising. Students will learn how to operate in the prophetic and interpret the prophetic language.

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Biblical Interpretation - Introduction to Hermeneutics

This course is an introduction to the principles and processes of biblical interpretation. The student will learn the basic principles of hermeneutics.

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Math for Everyday Life

This course covers common math concepts that are necessary to engage with society individually, and in ministry and church settings. Basic statistics, personal finances, linear and exponential growth, and solving equations will e covered in this course.


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